Make This New Years Resolution A Good One And Let Thornton Insurance Agent Help You Save

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The year of 2011 was a big year for everyone, students graduated from high school’s and colleges, people got married, babies were born, and many other remarkable things went on during this time.  Some of us are glad this year is coming to an end and are anxious to begin a new year, while for others it is bitter sweet.  In 2011 many important events happened like discovering a new planet called Kepler 22, New York city passed the gay marriage, there was a royal wedding and many riots around the world, the historic events were endless.  At the end of every year we reflect back on what we would or can change for the upcoming year, because it is considered a new beginning.  In the start of the new year we make a new years resolution most people choose to begin eating healthy, or exercising so you can finally fit into your old jeans.  While others plan on finally getting the car they have been wanting for quite some time, or finding more affordable insurance so they can save money and reward themselves in various other ways as well.

This holiday season we splurge for Christmas gifts and holiday decorations.  This is the time we wait for, because we get to reunite with our families and enjoy celebrating the new year with friends. So do not let anything spoil it for you! Make sure you have insurance because you never know when you might need it.  Insurance has great importance, as we all know you need life insurance, homeowners, auto, and for some you need motorcycle or even boat insurance.  This upcoming year make it the best and safest one you have had yet.  Do not take any chances driving your vehicle this winter without insurance, let us help you prepare for the new year.  Here in Colorado the snow continues to fall, causing dangerous driving conditions and eventually accidents which lead to an increase in your insurance rate.  Do not be unprepared this season, make your new years resolution is a good one and come on in to our office.  Be prepared to save!

Here at Leinweber insurance agency our new years resolution is to get you the best quote possible and answer any questions or concerns you may have.  We offer various insurance providers such as Travelers, Safeco, Progressive, Allied and many others.  Feel free to give us a call at (303) 719-0364 or stop in the office so we can accommodate you with a quote.

Happy Holidays From us at Leinweber Insurance Agency

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