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Car insurance near Northglenn we have great carriers for any type of car insurance, tickets, accidents, suspensions, SR-22, and lapse of insurance. For a quote contact Leinweber Insurance Agency either at 303-719-0364 or email

Spring is just around the corner.  How many have a to do list a mile long.  I know I do.  I am looking forward to planting my vegetable garden for the first time this year.  The vegetables that I hope to plant are the usual tomatoes, squash, zucchinni, peppers, pumpkins, watermelon, but I do want to try some different plants as well.  One that I have tried in the past is garlic, I am hoping this year, after my research I can make it happen.  Spring is definitely is my favorite time of year.  To me it represents the start of new things to come, it is way of starting fresh. The one thing that I struggle with during spring is the cleaning part.  I seem to never accomplish all the spring cleaning tasks before the end of the season.  I have one major project that I am hoping to accomplish this year.  Everyone good luck this year with cleaning, planting, and planning new projects.  Enjoy the fresh air but do not over do it. Take the time to get your car insurance near Northglenn through the Leinweber Insurance Agency. Take time to smell the roses as you go through your to do list.

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