If You’re Charged With DUI, No Need To Agent Search – We Have SR22’s

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Many of us have been in a druken state before, right? But how many of us have driven drunk? Approximately thirty percent of people will be in a car accident involving alcohol. Each year 16,000 people are killed due to alcohol related accidents.

The repercusions of getting a DUI that most people do not realize until after they go through either jail or detox (or even both) are, getting a SR22 which obligates the insurance company to notify the state if your auto insurance cancels. Your license will get suspended up to a year or longer depending on your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content). It is mandatory for you to have a interlock in your vehicle for the amount of your probation.
Depending on where you plan to travel, you will be considered a fellon and will need to prove to that country provience what have you, that you are not a threat to their society. Canada is very picky about this, and wont allow you to enter until you prove to them that you are not a fellon.
There are many things that can make your life a lot harder while you are going through the DUI. In all retrospect, it makes more sense to be safe and never drink and drive.

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  • josh

    I didn’t know Canada was that strict on Alcohol.
    Joshua Smith