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What are your thoughts on Manning becoming a Bronco? Manning Bronco fans are concerned with Peyton’s recent neck injury in the 2010 season. Officials are saying that Peyton will be back to 100% by the next season. Since coming to Denver, Manning has shown a great improvement in his throwing ability. The wide receiver (Eric Decker) for the broncos had been working with Peyton and says that Peyton is a perfectionist. Eric Decker said in a recent radio interview “The guy’s still throwing the ball a long time, throwing it great, hitting you in the right spot,” Decker told Cowherd. “He’s such a perfectionist. If he hits you in the belly button, he gets mad at himself for not hitting you in the chest. It’s unbelievable to be around a guy who has those standards for himself.”

Although we could have expected great things from Tim Tebow, I believe that this will be the year the broncos make it to the super bowl. Tim Tebow has taken enough hard time over the last two years, for his lack of throwing and his abundance of running the ball. Even though he lacked the throwing part of the game, Tim was a team player and supported his teammates. Hopefully Tim enjoys his time playing for the jets, and manning will enjoy his time playing for Denver!

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