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Whats the buzz with the Bieber fever? I constantly hear Justin Bieber’s name in the news. Young girls go absolutely crazy over him. This young man was raised by a single mom in Canada. Justin was helped raised by his grandparents, his father later came in to the picture after he was recognized for his ability to sing and play instruments. Not long after Justin was discovered, Usher was ready to take Justin by his side and make him really famous.
The first time that the Bieb went on tour, was with his good friend Usher. Justin and Usher have an excellent friendship that they has become more of a brother bond than anything. Usher to justin bieber has helped justin become more mature in the spot light and he has helped him learning how to be in the spotlight.
The most recent news story about Bieber, that had caught my eye, at a recent concert in Europe, Justin had just finished on stage and went off stage to do a dress change in between songs, without any notice justin had ran head first into a glass wall, the pop star has a mild concussion but not any major injuries. The question i have been asking myself all day is, “where was Usher on that one?”

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