Parents of Teenagers, Let Thornton Insurance Agent Give You A Helping Hand.

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For all the parents out there reading this, you enjoy seeing your children become their own person, discover their talents, their likes and dislikes. Some of your children remind you of yourself at that age, while others are quite opposite. There is nothing better than having your child do good for themselves, developing good habits for when they are eventually on their own. You want to always be able to trust that he or she is responsible enough to make the right decisions for themselves in any situation. When they are young it is simple just some barbie dolls and car toys. As they get older its your daughter saying “mom he is so mean to me” and you respond, “it is because he likes you sweetheart.” Your son likes all his sisters friends and constantly bothers them. Your children are becoming teenagers. Next thing you know its hello high school, the days you remember having some of the best moments of your life at.

They do not understand how important It is to do your best in high school and go off to a good college, so you try to explain, help them with anything and hope they decide to do good for themselves. Now is the time they ask for a car because their friends have one. You do not want to have to worry about how much your insurance will be if you add them as a driver, and “what if they get in a car accident?” you ask yourself. Well mom’s and dad’s – you are in luck! All you have to do is contact your local insurance agent and he can answer any questions or concerns you may have, and also find you a low rate quote just like you desire. Do not waste any more time or money this month.

Here at Leinweber Insurance Agency we are here for you when you need us. We can help you find a low rate quote and offer 15 different insurance carriers such as Travelers, Allied, Progressive, Safeco and various others. Please stop in our new office or give us a call at (303) 719-0364. We will be happy to help you save as much as possible while still receiving the best coverage.

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