Northglenn Residents Save Litters on Pet Insurance

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Everyone has a best friend, perhaps more than one.  For some people their best friend is their dog or their cat.  Some may even consider them their children. Animals are some of the best and most loyal friends you can have. All they ask for in return is a nice walk, some attention, and a full bowl of food.  Your animal is certainly special to you, so why not make sure that they are protected as well as you are?

Today is your lucky day! Because there are insurance providers such as Progressive and Safeco who understand that your animal is extremely important to you, and so they offer pet insurance.  If you are one of the many people who take your animal everywhere you go or even just a ride down the block, animal insurance may be something for you to look into.  Is it a necessity to have this for your fellow mate you may ask?  No it is not, but then again, you never know what hazard is lingering around the corner…

Leinweber Insurance Agency represents multiple insurance carriers.  Some of these carriers include Safeco, Progressive, Kemper, and many others.  If you are searching for insurance, then please give us a call at 303-719-0364. Or feel free to come in and stop by the office!

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  • rick

    Great information. I think that if you look at ways to protect your pets, this may be a great option. Travelers auto and home insurance rates are competetive as I have them personally.