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From an agent’s perspective, how advantageous is it to go online and get an instant quote? Is it a waste of time because with most low cost insurance companies you will have to talk to someone eventually? Odds are, if you do purchase your policy online you will more than likely get less coverage than you carry currently, and at essentially the same cost had you carried that coverage with your current insurance.

If you are just going online to get an idea of what you are looking at for paying insurance, half the time you would be wasting your time. If you have great credit and a clean driving history the numbers are going to be pretty close. One question answered inaccurately can make the quotes $100’s less than what your actual rate will be. 9 times out of 10 you can plan on the quote not being that great rate you saw the first time. Many companies’ sites and agents’ initial quote will include various discounts that you may not even qualify for. They also may quote you with the best possible insurance score.

The best argument going online to get an insurance quote is that the agent will already have your information keyed in correctly. Rather than having to triple confirm Vin #’s for example over the phone 3 times.  It is my opinion that if you plan to get a quote online and care about the policy you’re getting, you will need to talk to a real person at least once before purchasing. The question you should always ask is this: “Is this a firm quote?” The word “firm” means that the agent has done the best they could to accurately quote the client. Underwriting will have the final say so the official price is out of the agents hand on evaluating the risk.

If your policy is about to be renewed or you are looking to buy insurance, let the Leinweber Insurance Agency be your first stop.  We represent multiple companies allowing us to find a company that is right for you.  If you are a resident of Denver, Thornton, or Firestone give us a call and we will be happy to give you quote.

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