Home Insurance near Northglenn CO

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Leinweber Insurance is here for your home and auto insurance needs.  We can be contacted at 303-558-9880 or by email at bleinweber@insruanceaai.com.

It is that time of year again.  Black Friday is exactly two weeks away.  Who is going to be up at the crack of dawn, or better yet stay up all night, for that special gift?  While shopping for your gifts be on the look out for bah-hum-buggers and sticky fingers.  This bah-hum-bugger likes your things that you purchased and wants them for themselves.  They will do anything to get to the purchases. They do do not care that you worked hard to pay for the purchases.  All they see is that want something but are not able to get it without taking it from you.  They could break into your house or into your cars to get it.  There are a few options that you can do to protect your purchases.  You can give Leinweber Agency a call at 303-719-0364 to discuss your coverages with Hartford or another carrier. We offer home insurance near Northglenn CO When your purchases are made make sure to keep all reciepts for proof of the recent purchases.  Something else that can be done, when you go shopping for your special gifts,  only get a few items then take them home if possible.  If that is not possible put them in your trunk or somewhere that the purchases are not seen.  Always look around when leaving or entering a parking for peculiar looking people or anything that would make you feel uncomfortable.  Take precautions during this Holiday Season as you look for and purchase your specail purchases.

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