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The fire that was started back in March, and was contained, has spread uncontrollably causing over 49,000 acres to burn and over 18 structures to be ruined by the flames. Officials say that it is the worst fire they have seen in over 25 years. The cost to fight the fire has raised to be about 4.2 million dollars.
The damage that is being caused is not only to the forrest or the homes, but also to the people that have COPD. The smoke is making it much harder for them to breathe and function in their everyday life. COPD is caused by irritants in the air that will irritate your lungs. The most common cause of COPD in the United States is a Cigarette.
The forest fire is causing the smoke to travel down to denver and it is causing the air, hard to breathe and its causing the pollution and the smoke to cause a weight on the atmosphere.

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