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Most business’ are very strict and stressful and are not fun to sum it up. Bosses are mean and strict, not because they enjoy being up tight, but because they know how they want their business run. In most corporate offices they do not even have a casual friday, They want to keep the dress code business professional.
Then you have those business’ that do not care what you show up in just as long as you are there and you do your job right, they are more flexiable on your schedule and your dress. But the work enviorment is much more relaxed. But the only places you may find those job opportunities Are in fast food restraunts and retail stores.
One of the most laid back easy going jobs that i have ever had is the most current one i have right now. During the week, i am required to dress business casual so nice dress slacks and a nice blouse and heels, and on a friday i am very lucky and i can wear jeans and my uggs and a t shirt or to simplify it i am able to dress very casual. My hours are very set and my weekends are free to enjoy my time with my family. Although we get very busy and are very dedicated to our work, we still find time as a whole corporate office to get our team together and have team building activities. For example a couple of weeks ago we all went and raced go carts, yes sounds like fun, but we did have teams and we had to stratigize how to divide the time equally so we all had enough time to race. I believe more offices should be like this because, yes we work very hard but at the same time going out and having fun together should be encouraged.

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