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We are here for your insurance needs please give us a call at 303-558-9880 or email at bleinweber@insuranceaai.com for a quote.  We can include a quote for home insurance near Thornton CO.

Alright America who voted?  This opportunity comes every 4 years, did you participate?  I did but not sure if I made the right decision.  I think there quite a few people out there who are second guessing their vote as well.  This election has been tough for everyone to make a decision.  When I was watching the news last night they said that registered voters is up 13% .  I see that with this election a lot more  people are becoming more aware of what is going on with our government.  I believe that the decision for people doing this is what has happened in the last four years.   We need to take back control of our country with whomever is elected.  The next four years are going to be a bumpy road no matter who becomes president.  I just hope they can fullfill the needs of the people and not their own agenda.

This was the first time I ever voted.  The other elections I did not because I thought my one vote is not going to make a difference.  Well I was set straight on my way of thinking about 3 years ago.  I believe that the we can take back control of our government if  The People become  more involved and aware.  I am not a political person but I believe that this was founded by The People not the government.

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