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This summer a lot of high school seniors are going away to college and are going to be away from their families. A question that is frequently asked in June and July is “where can we find the best dorm gear?” Now everyone has a different opinion as to where they enjoy shoping, a great place that I personally love to shop and usually has great deals is Target, Walmart and Kmart also have some pretty great deals as well.
Now that the economy is not so great and things have gone up in price tremendously and most families have cut back in buying name brand things. The best way to go about buying school supplies and dorm necessities is buying the Generic brand. You will get the same product just for a cheaper price and a differnt name. Although your soon to be college student is going away, the way they manage their money is going to either help them or they are going to ask for more money. So to all soon to be college students, be careful with your money!

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