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Looking for a Colorado Safeco Agent? Give us a call today at the Leinweber Insurance Agency at 303-719-0364, email at, or stop in. We can activily write you with Safeco and/or can shop with one-hundred of our other carriers.

Many people frequently mistake all insurance agents for the ‘same type of agent’. However, there are two seprate kinds of insurance agents. There is your average insurance agent who works for one company and cannot shop around for a better rate such as American Family or Farmers. Then there is an insurance broker, who can shop around with multiple carriers to find who and what fits you best.
When working with one company, it limits you to a couple of things, some of the insurance agencies can only give you certain discounts for certain things and most agencies are making you write your Home and Auto with the. Working with a insurance broker they can shop around for a great deal and almost all of the carriers offer a discount for a bundle.
So if you are interested in switching carriers, give us a call and we can find a carrier to fit your budegt and still give you the best coverage.u the best rate.

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