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Here at the Leinweber Insurance Agency we can help you with all your needs for your home or auto insurance.  We have several carriers that we write business with Safeco as a popular carrier.  Give us a call at 303-719-0364 or email us at , we would be glad to help.

Well it is that time of year of again.  All the hustle and bustle to get your house ready for the holidays.  You want everything perfect including the behavior of your animals.  When a pet owner sees their animal behaving badly, they feel it is reflection on themselves.  This is not always the case just like humans we have behaviors that are just a part of us.  Some behaviors not everyone likes so we then have to break that behavior.  A behavior that people do not like is when a dog greets someone with a open mouth.  When that happens they get the wrong impressions and think that the dog is going to bite them.  This is not always the case but due to how some owners have raised their animals it has made people very leary of certain breed dogs.   This not always the case just remember when entering into a home with animals let the animals come to you. 

I have two dogs which I have trained very well but yet sometimes they get excited and the bad habits come out.  When I am hosting a party or am having people come that my dogs have never met I will put them in the backyard until they calm down.  While they are outside I will inform my guests that I have dogs, which then in turn opens the floor for the guest to say whether they like dogs or not.  If they like dogs then I will bring the dogs in so they can get aquainted.  When having animals it is a lot of responsability.  They can be bundle of joy and lots of fun as well.

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