Best Deal On Black Friday, Thornton Insurance Agent Gives You Free Quote.

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             When I say November what comes to mind?  I bet it’s not home or auto insurance it’s more along the lines of snow fall, building a snow man, eating a turkey with stuffing on the side? Which ties into something big called Thanksgiving.  Many people love this holiday because they have a delicious dinner and are reunited with their families.  During late November is when people begin Christmas shopping and it continues on through December as well.  The malls are packed with people, and the parking lots with cars.  This is considered an incredibly stressful time for some.

             There is one day in particular called black Friday, where people wake up earlier than sunrise to get the best and once a year incredible deals.  Malls and other shopping centers open at 5am, some even earlier than that.  All this is preparation to celebrate one of the biggest holidays all year, known as Christmas.  We drink about 4-5 cups of coffee to stay going all day long, and probably went to bed early the night before.  This day is uncontrolled chaos surrounding you but the money you save on the items you buy is mind blowing and makes everything well worth it.

             JcPenny’s has two different door buster sales one in the morning 5am- 12pm and the other 1pm-4pm for the people who have to work during the day.  Target has a black Friday sale before the actual black Friday.  Malls open up at 5am everywhere and the parking lots are packed.  The checkout lines at stores are outrageous and it’s a race to get the last pair of pink boots, transformers action figures, or the power tool your husband’s been wanting.  The main downfall of this super savings day is that no matter what you’re not saving on your home or auto insurance, and we all know we would love a break on that.  If on black Friday all of the insurance providers like Progressive, Safeco, Travelers and others offered a killer low rate door buster deal like Macys or best buy we all know we would be at their doors not the shopping malls. 

 Here at Leinweber Insurance we offer many different carriers such as safe co, progressive, travelers and others.  Feel free to give us a call at (303) 719-0364 or stop in the office after all of your holiday preparations so we can accommodate you with a quote or answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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