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Why is Business / Commercial Insurance Important

Being a business owner in Thornton Colorado we understand the importance of having appropriate business insurance. As with all business owners, we know how much your business means you. Because it is important to you it is also important to us.

As an owner of an established business or of a growing business in Thornton Colorado we know that you face challenges every day. One of your top priorities is making sure that your business is adequately protected today and will be protected in the future with the right commercial Insurance.

Just like you we know how important it is to have a plan in place for the continued financial security of your business. That is why at Affordable American Insurance we work directly with you to determine how much and what types of business insurance that you need to protect your business.

Business Insruance In Thornton Colorado

We can help you come up with a plan that will help protect everything from your property to your commercial vehicles. We can also help provide you with the following insurance:

  • Property
  • Workers Compensation
  • Health
  • Life and Disability
  • Liability

Commercial Property Insurance

Property insurance can help protect businesses against loss or damages to their location of business and the items contained within. Property insurance for business can also insure the property of other people when the loss occurs. You can also specify the property insurance for a specific type of risk such as fire, tornado, or earthquakes.

Workers Compensation

As a business with employees you need to protect your employees against on-the-job injuries. Every state has its own laws and regulations as to workers compensation. In this the employee is not allowed, by statute, to sue their employer for on-the-job injuries; but, in return, the employer must participate in a system that provides nearly automatic payment to the employee in case of injury for medical bills and damages. There are many options for workers’ compensation coverage.

Health Insurance

In order to attract the best employees and to be competitive, it is a necessity for most businesses to offer their workers some type of health insurance. This insurance offers a health coverage benefit to you and your employees.

Life and Disability Insurance

Life and disability insurance is designed to help protect the business against the death or disability of certain key employees. For example, one partner carries a life insurance policy naming the partnership as a beneficiary.

Commercial Liability Insurance

Liability insurance will help insure against certain legal liabilities that can be imposed on your business because of the negligence of the business or any of its employees. It is designed to protect the business if it is sued for negligence.

Affordable American Insurance Business / Commercial Insurance in Thornton Colorado

With the high volume and our efficient business model, we are able to match your business insurance needs with the widest range of liability insurance options available. With Affordable American Insurance you will be able to find affordable protection from A-rated insurers.

Let us help you get the business insurance coverage that fits your needs and your budget.

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