Kepler-22 and Home Insurance. Northglenn What This May Mean To You

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Earth was created for human beings and over time we have slowly destroyed it by pollution and many other hazardous things.  Having a nice car, decent size house with a two car garage is part of the American dream.  In time, things will change, technology will modernize and grow. Hopefully it will better our environment.  Many wonder what we will do if one day earth is no longer habitable because of all the hazardous things we have done to it.  Will we find another planet where we can live?  Well scientists have had a massive break into their research on finding earth’s twin.

Kepler-22 is a new found planet in a habitable zone, meaning that you could possibly live here and liquid water does exist.  Hope has risen for a new beginning, and Kepler may be the answer.  This planet which is new to us but not outer space is 600 light years away and has an average temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit.  Kepler also orbits around a star just how earth orbits around the sun. The difference is that the earth orbits the sun in 365 days where Kepler orbits it’s star every 290 days.  Although this new planet may be habitable, is it too far for us to reach?  Earth has its downfalls, but also has its beauties and positive perks like having insurance and an independent insurance agent.

The universe is endless and so are the different things in it just like Kepler-22.  On earth we have cars to take us to our destinations and shelters to protect us from seasons, dangers, and many other things.  Does your homeowners insurance protect you and your family from meteors?  One or more meteors sent down from space from aliens are most likely not covered on your homeowners insurance.  Free falling meteors from space are covered by some home insurance policies.  It’s better to be prepared for the unexpected now because the unexpected can happen at any time just like finding our earth’s twin.

Here at Leinweber Insurance Agency we can help you by answering any questions or concerns you may have regarding you policy.  We offer 15 different insurance companies such as Safeco, Allied, Travelers, Progressive and a variety of others.  Please stop in the office this holiday season or give us a call at (303) 719-0364.

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