When do you feel most loved?

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Is it… when your significant other offers to take out the trash that has been sitting outside your front door for days? Or maybe when they tell you just how special you are to them. Or maybe they just know that after a long, tiring day at work, all you need is a warm hug and all of your problems seem to fade out of the picture.

Well, in this blog I am committed to helping you along your journey to discovering how you feel most loved, and how that ties into the one day of the year that revolves around love and admiration: Valentine’s Day.
We all feel special when our significant other has put much thought into what we might need to feel valued and appreciated. Naturally, we love knowing that they have done this, especially when they get it so right. However, there are those of us who feel a little bit like our significant other has given up on this option, and settled for the classic roses and generic boxes of assorted chocolate found at the local grocery store. Whether or not you’re content with this option, I’m going to lay out some explanations as to why at some points we feel more loved than others.

It all depends on what your love language is. What are these, you may ask? The 5 love languages help you understand what it is that makes you feel the most loved.

Words of affirmation is one of these. This love language is one that almost all of us will relate to. It is the act of showing somebody you love them through the use of words.  This often looks like verbally encouraging someone. Pointing out their gifts, their strengths, therefore revealing their value and making them feel seen and appreciated.
Quality time is another one. Now this means that you feel most appreciated, seen and loved when your significant other takes time out of their daily schedule to be with you. Just you. No distractions, no one else around. Only you. I think we can all agree that when you have someone’s undivided attention, you feel like a million bucks.
Next on the list is acts of service. You’ve had a bad day and come out of it exhausted, needing peace. Throw in a messy house and kids high on energy and you’ve run out of ways to cope. Your partner comes home and pours you a tall glass of wine, gives the kids a bath and takes care of the laundry for you and you might just be on cloud 9.
Gifts. You absolutely love it when he or she buys you expensive jewelry, present homemade cards on your birthday and put a lot of thought into what you really like depending on your personality. You are someone who feels so loved when you receive gifts and surprises.
Physical touch. Now physical touch means that all you need to know that you’re loved is a big bear hug, a shoulder massage, an arm around your shoulder, or pretty much anything that means coming into contact with someone you love. This makes you feel close to the person, as if you are connecting in a deeper way.

I know that once I understood what my love language was, it changed my relationships with the people around me. Even just knowing your husband or your wife’s love language, will shift your relationship and bring it up to a whole new level. Understanding this about one another is of the utmost importance, to say the least. It will change everything.

I hope I have managed to enlighten you today, and I wish you a happy and memorable Valentine’s Day!

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