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    Colorado is known for its so called “bipolar” weather year round.  We have nice warm summers but not scorching hot like other states.  Winter time here it gets below zero and there does not even have to be snow outside.  Point being, Colorado is notorious for having the coldest winters and largest snow storms in the U.S.  If you like snowboarding, skiing, and sledding down hills, there is no better place to live then here.

    One morning you wake up to blue sky’s and sunshine, the next you wake up to 10-12 inches of snow.  You have to begin your day earlier to accommodate all the new things you must deal with, like cleaning off your car, letting it heat up and leaving early  in case of an accident.  You have to do a lot of preparations for your vehicle before winter time.   Getting snow tires, making sure your oil is changed, and you have the correct antifreeze are common ways people prepare for the snow.

    If you’re from out of state and new to Colorado, don’t be afraid to drive in the snow and blizzard conditions. The vast majority of people, even I, have spun out on ice, lost traction, and others even had an accident at some points.  Snow is a unique thing from Mother Nature and not all states are lucky to experience it like we do here in beautiful Colorado.  Advice to you would be embrace the snow, always leave at least 10 min early and most importantly have the most reliable and affordable car insurance possible.  It is important that you are covered on these slippery roads during this holiday season.  Many people are on the road so stay cautious because nobody wants to slide off road into grandma’s house for Christmas.

Here at Leinweber Insurance we offer many different carriers such as safe co, progressive, travelers and many others.  Feel free to give us a call at (303) 719-0364 or stop in the office so we can accommodate you with a quote or answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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