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Thornton local Travelers Agency Leinweber Insurance Agency by email or call us at 303-719-0364. Travelers is one of the many carriers that offers discounts when packaging home and auto together.

Technology has become so much apart of our society.  As I said in my previous blog I am about to become a grandma.  For the last 3 weeks my cell phone has not left my side.  I remember 12 years ago when my son was born we did not have as high tech technology.  Texting was just starting and cell phones were just becoming popular.  Not to mention Facebook, someone is able to let everyone in there social network the news in just a few seconds.  That was not as easy 12 years ago.  Calling from a landline was the form communicating.  Having to call each person would take to long, so you would have a select few you would call.  Once you called them, they would in turn start the chain of calling everyone else for you.  I am thankful at this moment for technology.  If we did not have the technology we have today,  it would be challenging for me to apart of the birth of my grandchild.  I live about 20 minutes from daughter, through text we have set up a code to let me know when she is in labor.  It so much easier to text one word than call someone inbetween contractions.  Technology has helped in so many ways but there are downfalls to as well. Use technology and give a call for your car insurance quote Thornton CO.  Maybe next time the little bundle will have entered into this world of technology and my he be strong through it all.

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