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Hi I’m Joshua Smith and I will be guest blogging for your Thornton insurance agent Brody Leinweber.  I thought it would be great to share a little bit of my experience with accidents and why you should have full coverage even when your car is not worth a lot.  It all comes down to VALUE.

108th and Colorado BLVRD

I have seen many accidents at this intersection.  A few months ago I was hit at that intersection.  There are a few things I wish I had regarding insurance.

  1. Med Pay
  2. Collision and Comprehensive

Med Pay

Med Pay will take care of any medical payments up to the med pay amount.  This is important.  When you are hit it is very important to visit the chiropractor and make sure your back neck are ok.  Med Pay will pay for your medical treatment.

Full Coverage

Collision and comprehensive is what is known as full coverage.  I never thought I needed to have full coverage on my vehicle since it was not worth a whole lot but I was missing an important piece to full coverage.  If somebody hits you and it is not your fault you can call up your insurance company and they will take care of you and they will later sue the company that hit you.  This is even better when it is an accident involving more than 2 vehicles and multiple insurance companies.  The claims process is a pain but if you have full coverage you will be using your insurance company.  When it comes to dealing with a great claims staff Safeco is really great.  Travelers has a lot of neat programs but you will have to call Brody Leinweber to get more details.

Leinweber Insurance Agency

There is probably not a better agent out there than Brody Leinweber.  I refer all my friends to this Thornton insurance agent because he treats everyone like they are important.  If you are currently looking for auto, home, or renters insurance,  stop by the Leinweber Insurance Agency located on 104th and Irma.  Brody will take great care of you.

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