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In the last thirty years, every home has been required to have a smoke detector in every room in the house. It is a requirement to have them installed in your home during construction. A smoke detector is not just for fires, it is also used to detect CO or (carbonmon Oxide). CO can kill you,even though you can not see or smell CO the only way to help prevent this toxic gas from causing harm is, in the winter crack a window to get some air flowing, CO is more common in the winter time because the heater is on, a small crack in the window can actually save your life. Another step you could take to prevent this would be to check the batteries in your smoke detectors every six months. When you check your smoke detectors you should also change your furnace filter to help eliminate the dust that builds up over the spring and fall seasons. By having these detectors in your home, some of the insurance carriers we have will give you a discount for them.

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