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                    I would like to start off with a story from an existing client. As a captive insurance agent, I found as many discounts as humanly possible to write one piece of business. One of the more sizeable discounts, “roof discounts”.  For a hail resistive roof, many insurance carriers offer up to 15% discount. I had a client who I had already written life insurance policies, asked me to quote his future purchased home insurance. After reviewing the specifics on the home, it was recognized that the roof was concrete tile. I mentioned the possibility that he may qualify for a hail resistive roof discount. As it had turned out after many conversations and research, the verdict was no discount.

               Moral of the story, before the client actually purchased the home, one of Colorado’s most severe hail storms passed directly over the house. This storm in 2009 dumped over 1ft of hail. In fact Colorado’s department of transportation had to send snow plows out in July to remove the hail from the roads. How do you suppose the prospective clients roof held up taking on the brunt of the storm?

               The answer is a grand total of 7 clay shingles needed to be replaced before closing. Not even close to enough damage to file an insurance claim. As Colorado is the one of the most heavily regulated and is becoming one of the most hail proned states. It would be a wise decision to look at replacing the roof with impact resistant material, including 40+ yr warranties. This may pay itself off alone with insurance discounts, less claims potential, and add value to your most valuable asset. Even though this is the assumption, I believe that in the near future, regardless of impact resistant rating; concrete/slate/clay tile roofs in general will receive a favorable premium versus asphalt shingled roof. Its examples like the one above that tell me that will be the case.

            To see if you qualify for a roof discount, please contact us at the Leinweber Insurance agency. You can obtain your quote online, phone, or in person. We offer a variety of preferred insurance carriers from Progressive to the Hartford insurance. We also a variety of insurance products including, but not limited to Auto insurance, Home insurance, Life Insurance. Please feel free to call us anytime at 303-719-0364.

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