Safeco Landlord Protection-Thornton CO

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Safeco is one of the many carriers that will write a Landlord Protection policy. To receive a quote contact Leinweber Insurance Agency by email at or call 303-719-0364.

I was sitting here thinking of what to say for the blog today.  When all of sudden I hear sirens and horns blaring non-stop.  I look out my window to see what the commotion was, to find out someone was failing to pull over for almost a 1/4 of mile.  The ambulance was right on top of this truck blaring his horn.  This truck had could have pulled over; there was not any vehicles around. This is one of the many things that I see drivers do on a daily basis.  When someone does not pull over for emergency vehicles, there is possiblity of getting a ticket.

I commend the firefighters, emt’s, police for the things they do.  They are out there putting their lives on the line trying to save other lives.  When someone does not pull over to let them by this may cause a life.

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