Safeco Auto Insurance Denver

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Safeco is one of the many carriers that you can choose from for your auto insurance needs in the Denver area.  For a quote contact Leinweber Insurance Agency either by email at or call us at 303-719-0364.

Now that all the hustle and bustle of holidays are done.  It is now time to look at what the New Year will bring.  Who has a New Year’s resolution or goals to make it a better year than 2012?  Mine is to start putting aside money for future use.  How many of you have made resolutions that were reachable goals?  I see that most people when they do a New Year’s resolution it becomes a goal that is only temporary.  One resolution that most people tend to choose is eat healthy or to lose a few pounds.  The goal starts off really well then life gets in the way.  Eating healthy is not only a choose that is made but also a lifestyle to change as well.  When making a commit like that no more fast food, soda, comfort foods, and junk food period.  It can be rather difficult to change that lifestyle especially with how much our society is on the go.  Fast food resturaunts are trying to come up with solutions to this problem but still the big juicy cheeseburger still calls my name, I guess that is when that will power should kick in.  Good luck to all your resolutions this year, I hope they are successful.  Happy New Year Everyone and we survived 12/21/2012.

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