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April Fool’s is the best day to pull a great prank on anyone.  What is your most memorable April Fool’s prank that you have pulled?  My other half I have to watch out for every year.  He considers this his holiday, one year he pranked his ex- mother-in-law that almost had her call the cops.  She used to leave her car running when she would go play cards to keep the car warm.  Well he decided to move the car somewhere that she could not find it.  He is that type of person that can keep a straight face when pulling prank.  She came out from playing cards and her car was missing.  She freaked out and was about to call the police, he fessed up when he found out that she was going to call the police.  After he told me that story I always watch my back when April Fool’s comes around. 

It is great to play on family and friends.  Depending on the work enviroment it could possibly happen there, too.  I am not one to pull off a great prank.  I have a hard time keeping a straight face when trying to pull the wool over someone’s eyes.  I do though enjoy a great prank.  I keeps me on my toes.  Happy April Fool’s Day everyone.

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