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After last nights thunderstorm with the rain and the hail, it caused way more damage than good. Although we do need the moisture, the hail has damaged roofs, has caused car damage, and it has ruined gardens and trees. The amount of claims calls that will be made today to insurance companies will have doubled since 2010, when it stormed pratically twice a week in June and July.
Lightening is created by by evaporation, which then turns into condensation and becomes heavy in the clouds and turns into rain. When the heat absorbs from the evaporation into the clouds it creates friction from the molecules. When the molecules have more energy to break away from the surface of the liquid causing the heat to move up in the atmosphere. The water cycle is where the lightening comes from.
Before you start calling your insurance companies to make a claim on your roof, car or anything else, you will want to inspect the damage yourself, decide weather or not you need to get a roofing inspector out to your home, wait and hear what they have to say about the damage and weather or not you should make a claim.

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