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ASI is another carrier that gives discounts for packaged insurance policies in the Denver, Metro Area.  Give Leinweber Insurance Agency a call at 303-719-0364 or email for a quote for either your auto or home.

Once again Colorado lets us know that winter is still here.  Watching the snow fall last night was beautiful but then I thought about how the morning drive is going to be.  My other half turned on the news when we woke up, sure enough traffic was horrible.  Being in the insurance industry, I often wonder to myself where do people learn how to drive.  This country has become so fast paced that we forget to slow down.  I believe if everyone slowed down just a couple of notches life would be a little more peaceful.

When leaving for the morning commute, leave a few minutes early, that way if the road is messy there will enough time to get any destination, without being in a rush.  When this happens there are less accidents which makes for an easier commute.  Just remember to give ample space between cars that way if a sudden stop does occur stopping is not an issue.  Take time out today to breathe in the air while admiring the beautiful snow through out the Denver area.

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