Allied Home Insurance, Northglenn CO

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Allied is one of the many carriers that we can quote for Home and Auto insurance.  Contact Leinweber Insurance Agency by phone 303-719-0364 or email to recieve a quote in the Northglenn, CO area.

Becoming a grandparent can be life altering.  It is very exciting but yet reality starts to set in as well.  My daughter is expecting her first child anytime.  With the time coming closer and closer for my first grand child to be born, I am starting to feel old.  When I think of grandparents I see them in their 50’s or 60’s which I am not.  Does becoming a grandparent put some restrictions on how to live your life.  Can I still get the convertible I want, go out dancing, enjoy life, or am I suppose to stay home and watch the news?  I am not ready to be called Grandma or Nana yet.  I have been pondering in my head for the last 7 months what will my grandbaby call me.  I have yet to come up with anything that would be fitting.

I am not one to watch life pass me by.  I still have a lot of energy and life left in me.  I guess that could be a  good thing for my grandchild.  I can still play with my grandchild, have adventures, and show them the ins and outs of life.  I want to be there for all the milestones my grandchild accomplishes.  Becoming a grandparent has also changed how I think about life.  Its like being a parent all over again, even though that never stops.

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