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Here at the Leinweber Agency we are available to help you through catastrophes or other needs that you may have. We can be contacted through our email at or at 303-719-0364. We are an Agent for Progressive.

There is an epic storm on the rise for the East Coast. Are people going to be prepared to weather through the castastrophe that is expected to hit early next week on the East Coast? People say they are prepared until it really happens. No matter where you may live in the country there are all sorts of weather catastrophes, (fire, snow, rain, wind, tornados, hurricanes, etc.) there should always be a plan of action. One easy way to have a record of most of your belongings is take picures of each room that is saved on flash drive. Keep that flash drive with the important documents that you can grab at a moments notice. When a tradgedy happens you do not want to be thinking about what take with you, it is all in one spot to grab without thinking about it. Once the tragedy is over it is going to be hard to think about what is missing, now you will have it all on a flash drive that is with you. Something else that is handy with the flash drive is that you can have all your important documents scanned into the flash drive. Also, have an action plan of a place to stay at during the storm. None of these actions are a 100% but can at least help ease some of the losses or confusion that may happen during a tragedy.

This next week is going to tough for the people on the East Coast my heart goes out them. They are going to have a hurricane , strong winds, rain, and snow all at once. News casts are calling this the “Frankenstrom”. According to 9news sources this storm could cost close to a billion dollars. The electric companies are already preparing for this storm. People that were on vacation or had days off are being called back to work so they can be prepared. They do not want to caught with there pants down like they have in the past.

This storm may hit home for a lot of us, we either may know people or have family that live on the east coast. People are going to be watching the news to see what is happening, I think this is going to be the number one topic on weather for the next week. With having said that do not get caught with your pants down be prepared now for what may come. Do not wait until it is happening, give the Leinweber Agency a call now at 303-719-0364, we can help you prepare your home for tragedies in the future.

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